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    Graphic Design

    ABHINIT is a technology wise creative company doing extensive projects in the field of Website Designing, Website Development and SEO

    The graphic design courses at level one provide a practical and contextual introduction to the visual language, practices and processes of graphic design and includes the use of typography, composition and layout using both hand-rendered and computer techniques. You will learn to solve design problems, research and generate ideas and test and evaluate them. You’ll develop an appreciation of the historical and contemporary contexts of graphic design and will be developed by exploring other graphic designers’ work throughout your studies. As your work advances the courses become more challenging, tasking you with a range of practical tasks that require visual flair, practical competence and an appreciation of how to communicate effectively.

    At level one (HE4), you have the choice of two graphic design courses – Graphic Design 1: Core Concepts and Book Design 1. In Graphic Design 1, the course provides a practical and contextual introduction to the visual language, practices and processes of graphic design. You will develop an understanding of the basic visual language of graphic design, including typography, composition and layout through predominantly paper-based graphic design practices, such as poster design, page layout and logo design using both hand-rendered and computer techniques.

    In Book Design 1, you will be introduced to basic design processes, skills and techniques relating to book design, through a range of assignments that explore layout, book binding, and basic design skills. At level two, you will build on the practical skills introduced in the level one graphic design courses, developing your critical and contextual understanding of graphic design, to begin to locate your practice in a professional context by undertaking client led projects, and start to define your own voice and visual language within your work. You can study these courses with the aim of gaining a BA (Hons) Graphic Design degree, a BA (Hons) Visual Communications degree, or you can study them just for your own personal development.

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