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  • Hospital Management System

    Hospital Management System

    ABHINIT is a technology wise creative company doing extensive projects in the field of Website Designing, Website Development and SEO.

    We also offer Hospital Management systems to give complete end to end solutions to hospitals that are looking for Hospital Management along with Record Management. The Hospital Management System is focused on bringing in efficiencies into the hospital business by taking a metric-based approach to hospital management. We interact with the different key departments/personnel in the hospital to understand the key drivers of their job/business and take a business-centric approach to implementing the Hospital Management System. The system will ensure collection of appropriate data to be able to present appropriate dashboards to the different departments with a focus on increasing revenues, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

    Patient Registration & Admission: Includes both Insurance & non-insurance Appointment Management with SMS Reminders to notify patients about delay & appointments. Individual doctors have separate login to manage their appointments and notify hospital front office about delay in schedule. Billing: Patients tracking and billing with facility to accept advances, payments/part payments using different payment modes including cash-less insurance. In-Patient Management: Enable discharge management, nurse management & claim management. Laboratory Management: With facility to send SMS notifications to doctors/patients with test summary/results or out of range parameters. Revenue Management: Allows administrator to track pending payables/receivables to/from consultants/vendors/patients/TPAs etc. Software also allows administrators to identify and plug revenue leaks in hospital. Reports and Dashboards: Focusing on key departments like finance and operations to facilitate improved efficiencies through metric measurement. Inventory Management: With scheduling utilization reports.   

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