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    Bulk sms

    Bulk sms is a effective marketing tool, suitable for all businesses from all industries. Bhashsms is mainly a bulk sms service provider across all networks available in India. Our aim is to generate consistent leads for by promotional sms services and transactional sms services. We stand by our efficiency,

    Bulk e-mail

    we discussed a few of the ways an email marketing plan can help you communicate with and advertise to your customers. But, that’s only the beginning. Identifying your audience, developing a communication strategy, and determining your message will help you start moving in the right direction, for sure.

    long code and short code

    Long Code is nothing but just a type of virtual contact number which is used by SME's and e-Commerce platforms for lead generation or receiving feedback from customers as a SMS messages and voice calls. With this technology, we can stay relevant in a marketplace and it is very beneficial for newbie entrepreneurs.

    google ads

    This can include your website, blog, or other original content that complies with our program policies. This is where ads will be displayed so we want to make sure it’s a nice place for everyone.

    Google adwords

    Signing up for Google AdWords is free. You only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website, or calls you. In other words, when your advertising is working. Target your ads to customers in certain countries, regions or cities – or within a set distance from your business or shop.

    Voice sms

    Voice call service is a telephony feature which is most widely used solution by the various mobile marketers to reach out to their target audience. PRP Services not only provides excellent call quality, but also offers super-low Voice Call rates. Voice Call solution allows you to blast a recorded message across a database of customers.

    Zip dial/mis call alert

    Our missed call solution is an automated cloud based application enables you to get the real time notifications of all calls on your phone number.Missed Call Service or Call Back Service (CBS) works on a missed call concept i.e. customers gives a missed call on a given number assigned for a company. We developed an in-house missed call.

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